Cute Small Dog Collar

$10.98 – $14.46

White Bow CollarWhite Bow Collar
Red Bow CollarRed Bow Collar
Black Bow CollarBlack Bow Collar
Yellow Bow CollarYellow Bow Collar
White BandanasWhite Bandanas
Red BandanasRed Bandanas
Black BandanasBlack Bandanas
Yellow BandanasYellow Bandanas
White LeashWhite Leash
Red LeashRed Leash
Black LeashBlack Leash
Yellow LeashYellow Leash

This cute dog collar will transform your dog into the coolest dog in town. The dog collar adds a touch of fashion to your dog's appearance.

Made of high-quality and durable leather with neat stitching, the collar is adjustable to small and medium-sized dogs. Features a bandana/bow tie for style.

Adjustable in design. Easy to put on and off with the easy-to-do buckle.

Make your dog the fashion leader of the pack with our Dog collar.

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White bow collar, Red bow collar, Black bow collar, Yellow bow collar, White bandanas, Red bandanas, Black bandanas, Yellow bandanas, White leash, Red leash, Black leash, Yellow leash


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